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Curbside Rewards

Get Rewarded for Recycling
Sign up for Curbside Rewards Today and Start Recycling!
Turn your recyclables into valuable Recycle Bank Rewards at the places you go to
everyday, like Country Traditions!
Curbside Recycling is a rewards and loyalty program designed specifically to motivate households to recycle.  RecycleBank works with cities, to reward their citizens for their recycling efforts, environmental actions and interest in their commuity.
The RecycleBank "incentive" program has over 7,000 Omaha-area households who recycle.  The program is coming to Fremont in the Fall of 2009.  Households pay $10 pre month, receive a large, 96-gallon wheeled cart with lid and it is picked up curbside every two weeks.  Member households earn 2.75 reward points for every pound they recycle.  The household can then shop for reward offerings and discounts from a variety of businesses (like Country Traditoins), using their reward points.
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