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Event Details

Country Traditions 10th Annual Long Arm Retreat

When: Oct 14, 2017
9:00 am
Where: Country Traditions Classroom Studio

Friday, October 13th &
Saturday, October 14th

Long Arm Quilting Retreat
featuring DeLoa Jones
  DeLoa Jones has been an avid quilter for 36 years. She started her Longarm career with 20 years of teaching and hand quilting professionally. Many of DeLoa’s designs are influenced by her sense of traditional quilting with a little twist added. DeLoa has had a machine quilting business for 16 years in which she has a running count of about 5800 quilts. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and designs with her students. DeLoa was named the 2011 MQX Teacher of the Year.
She has authored 5 books and has a line of rulers and stencils. DeLoa has appeared on and with Linda Taylor on the DeLoa and her husband Dave live in Michigan and have 8 children and 8 grandchildren.

Check out these exciting classes!!!
Friday Classes
Border Patrol 1 & 2:
  Why take off your quilt and turn it to the side to do your borders?!?   DeLoa doesn’t turn her quilts, it is too much work,  bother and time; so, she developed many simple designs that can be done in the borders free motion. Learn how to space your borders and turn the corners. She will show how to quickly quilt your sashings in one pass over the quilt top with her serpentine technique.  There are 20 + simple designs for the beginner to help
you get started in a free motion border adventure.  As a bonus, she will show 20 more designs in Border Patrol 2.  DeLoa’s braided border designs are included with this class. These are unique designs that can fit into small as well as large borders.
  Basics of Feathering
Unlock the mystery of free motion feathers. These feathers are simple and easy but yet elegant for any quilt. You will learn the basic feather and then how to use it in crosses, wreaths, hearts, swags, and borders. Learn how to vary the feather shape to fit into different quilt styles. Many designs and ideas are offered in this class.  
Saturday Classes
 Design Elements for Blocks
   If you have ever wondered what to put into the middle square of that star block then this class is for you. DeLoa has been quilting many designs that fit into squares, triangles and rectangles that will attach to other continuous curves in your block. This class is beyond the basic continuous curve, it is all about filling the spaces with design but still getting around the whole block with
one stop and start. There are over 25 free motion designs for just a square alone. These designs will add spice to the ordinary continuous curve without adding a lot of time.
Filling in the Fillers
These designs are not for the faint of heart. In fact it usually takes a while for someone to figure out how you did them. DeLoa takes a background filler stencil such as crosshatching, clamshell, or clouds and uses it as a guide for free motion. It is such a cool concept. Background designs such as interlocking circles, twist, flaming clamshells all become easy and unique. The cool thing about this class is every time she   
teaches it, the students come up with even more ideas. Let her introduce you to this technique and see what wondrous things you can imagine.
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