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Crossroads Saturday Sampler Registration 2019-20



Welcome to our “Crossroads” Saturday Sampler.
We hope you will enjoy these sessions throughout the year. Please read through the following so that you are aware of how this program works.

How it Works

Come in on the THIRD Saturday of each month for 12 months, STARTING April 20, 2019. The lecture will start PROMPTLY at 10:00 am. We will open about 15 minutes before the program starts at 9:45 so that you can check in. You MUST BE PRESENT and SIT through the whole program to get your pattern. During the program we will demonstrate the block and show helpful tools & techniques. The registration fee to get you started is $39.99. This fee includes your first Credit Slip to use towards the purchase of the monthly pattern and a Fat Quarter’s worth of Fabric for the block. Complete the block and return it in person on the Third Saturday of the following month at 10:00 am to receive the next monthly credit allowance. Continue to complete each month’s block and return it the following session to continue receiving each month’s credit allowances for the Pattern and Fabric.

“Crossroads” Saturday Sampler RULES:

* You must ATTEND the whole Monthly Demonstration Meeting in Person and have the last month’s block completely pieced, and with you, to receive the next month’s credit allowance. NO EXCEPTIONS!

* Demonstrations will be held from 10:00 am-10:45 am, on the Third Saturday of each month. You must sit through the WHOLE Demonstration. If a monthly Demonstration is postponed due to weather or a scheduling conflict within the store, it will be held on the following Saturday. Door prizes, What’s New at the shop, & Surprises will also be a part of the fun!

* No Patterns will be given out early! If you can’t come one Saturday, you MUST buy that month’s Pattern at a cost of $4.99, plus tax, any time AFTER the Third Saturday of the month. Bring the block completed to the next month’s session and be on track again for the credit allowance for the monthly pattern and fabric.

-You can have someone else pick up your pattern but the cost will be $4.99, plus tax, for each pattern picked up.

* Patterns that have not been picked up or mailed out will be held for one month only. Additional monthly patterns will not be printed. If you miss a month & can’t get in to pick up the pattern/kit, please call and let us know. You must be an active participate of the program to attend the Saturday Sampler Demonstrations.

* The monthly pattern provides you with the patterns for the main blocks and settings for this project. If you attend all 12 sessions with your monthly blocks done you could earn over $95.00 worth of Credit Allowances to use towards your pattern and fabric purchases for your quilt top. You will need to supply additional fabric to complete each of the twelve blocks, sashing, borders, binding, and backing.

* Pick your own choice of color way for your project by selecting from the shop’s 8,000 bolts of fabric. The monthly Credit Allowances will be applied towards the $4.99 monthly pattern cost with the remaining balance applied towards fabric purchases for your project. Credit Allowances must be used on the Saturday Sampler gathering day, and cannot be carried over or transfered, to another month.

* Individuals who attend all 12 Saturday Sampler Demonstrations will receive 20% off of their backing and batting choices for completing their project. (Discount applies to only one quilt).
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